Table of Contents: Equine and Endurance Education Notes

Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders (PNER)  Convention Notes


  1. “For a Stress Free Ride: the Friday Pre-Game” presentation by Karen Leiman 
  2. “Choosing an Endurance Horse”presentation by Meg Sleeper, DVM, DACVIM (part of the same talk on blood machine results)
  3. “Blood Machine Testing” presentation by MegSleeper, DVM, DACVIM (cardiology)
  4. “Conditioning and Maintaining the Endurance Horse” presentation by Heather Wimer
  5. “Rehabilitating the Sport Horse”presentation by Sara Sammons, DVM, MS
  6. “Ultralight Trips: Packing Without a Pack Horse” presentation by Kim McCarrel 
  7. “Essential Oils for the Horse and Rider” presentation by Dr. Cassee Terry, DVM


  1. “Beyond Conditioning” presentation by Robin Ryner
  2. “Endurance Foot Care” presentation by Sue Summers and Lee Pearce
  3. "10 Things You Can Do Better" presentation by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, MS


  1. “Tying Up in the Arabian Endurance Horse – Part II” presentation by Dr. McKenzie
  2. “Tying Up in Horses – Part I” presentation by Dr. McKenzie
  3. “The Physiology of Exercise and Warm-up in Horses” presentation by Dr. Erica McKenzie BSc, BVMS, PhD., DACVIM, DACVSMR
  4. “What do you pack in your vet bag?” panel discussion 


  1. “Nutrition For Endurance Horses – Part II” presentation by Dr. Steve Duren
  2. “Nutrition For Endurance Horses – Part I” presentation by Dr. Steve Duren

Other Equine-Education or Discussion Topics:

  1. The Integrity of Equestrian Competition and Training