Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 is going to be a year of change.

And dernit, I’m going to work as hard as I can to make that positive change, because 2014 was a new low in many respects.

Her expression is much softer now. Pretty pony still takes my breath away after almost 9 years with her.

Deli is doing well after our most recent move, putting on weight despite me dropping her extra weight supplements (mostly alfalfa pellets). This is all due to access to pasture/grass and higher quality hay. Along with this her somewhat saggy hay belly is lifting, and continuing bodywork from her massage-lady reports progress in her overall fitness and topline. She has her stretching regime that she looks forward to (particularly her tail stretches, which are her favorite).

The barn llama is always watching you...
And as of TODAY, we have reached the point in rehabilitation where she gets a bit nuts. This is expected as I have been at this point with my Hawk Mare before. The fitness level is just at that point she has energy and is feeling better such that her mind is very active. But we still have to  move somewhat slower than her hyperactive-but-lazy brain would like.

So, that's fun.

And we also work on straightness. The Crooked Pony hates working on straightness, and lets me know in her typical red-mare fashion. This work is really helping her move more comfortably, however, such that our first time cantering in our long rehab process this week went off without any fuss. Even a month ago there was no way she was going to be able to pick up her weaker lead.

Today we also went on our first official trail ride at the new place. 4.75 miles in just over an hour and mostly at the walk – LSD, go-pony! The footing is, of course, not good for much more than a plodding walk right now, but we did have a few brief moments when we were able to do a bit of trotting. Which Deli was happy to do!

The last stretch - down the long driveway. (And muddy ears because I live in the PNW.)
She was a bit of a dork on the way home and started jigging, which of course meant we got to turn around and do another short loop twice. She knows the drill, but when her head gets in that anxious/excited space she becomes a little airheaded (literally and figuratively).

Roll roll roll in the mud, piggy (itchy) pony.
Altogether, the ride had me grinning. And Deli really enjoyed checking out the new neighborhood and teasing the cattle in the field next to our future conditioning hill. It was perfect to get out and be alone with my horse on this brilliantly sunny winter day and reminded me why I LOVE horses, and my horse in particular, so much.

So here's to new beginnings of every sort, because today I'm in a hopeful mood.

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