Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy 16th Birthday!

Today, May 5th 2015 is Deli’s 16th birthday. So happy birthday to her! I suppose this means she is now officially an adult. 

What is this "adulting" you speak of?
 Deli has certainly matured mentally over the past year. She has more confidence than ever – or maybe it’s both of us that have more confidence when we ride out alone.

"Cow hill."

 She learned (or at least, did. I suspect she knows these things before she tries them) how to unhook the aisle guard and let herself out today to eat dandelions. She also somehow scraped the skin off her jaw just behind her chin – a superficial but ugly abrasion. I think it’s her way of telling me, like the nice deep gash on a rear cannon she presented me with while I was farm sitting a month or two back, that even in a peaceful barn she’s still going to be accident prone. 

As if the resurgence of her insect allergies wasn’t enough to remind me how special she is.

 But a few scrapes are nothing and easy to doctor. Because, y’know, I’ve developed quite an impressive first aid kit after owning this beastie for over nine years. Yes, that’s right. I’ve had this wonderful creature for over nine years now and I’m looking forward to the rest of her life. A life that I hope will be long and full of only the good kind of excitement. 

To ride a horse is to ride the sky and moments with this horse have made me closer to my own spirituality than any other being I’ve known. So thanks, Deli, for that.

 (And everything else you’ve taught me about myself, you, and horses in general.)

Here’s to your next 16 years!

(And birthday mashes, apples, and udder-rubs.)


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